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You’ve heard the saying, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results.”
But it’s not insanity that keeps us stuck.  It’s our habits, our behaviour.

The overwhelming odds are that you’re not going to make these behaviour changes by yourself.
We help you change your money habits, so you can take back control and build the happy and successful life of your dreams.

We don’t just change your money habits and improve your financial position – we transform your life!

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If you think that managing your money and achieving financial freedom is just about the ‘numbers’, then this e-book will help you to evaluate what your relationship with money is really about.

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Kids and Money e-book

Raising Financially Healthy Children. As a parent, this may seem a huge task!  Stick with it, it will be worth it in the end when you see your children set up for life because of what you have taught them.

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See what people are saying

“In 7 weeks, under Lynda’s expert
guidance, I’ve completely changed my
relationship with money. I feel
empowered. I’m clear on my goals. I have
a great plan in place. I’ve never felt more
in control of my finances.

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Money Mentalist


money mentors

I’m Lynda Moore: principal Money Mentalist, money mentor, speaker and author.

With 20 years of accounting experience and my post graduate in psychology, I realised that there was a need for people to understand their emotional relationship with money.  I knew that what they needed was a Money Mentalist that could help empower themselves, recognise their behaviours around money and change their beliefs and mindset to then be able to make effective changes in their lives that would put them on the road to success.

We would meet with our clients, listen to them and their frustrations around money, whether it be how they were spending money, trying to save money, or going through a tough life situation.  They felt like they had no control and fear around money that was either instilled from previous experiences in the management of their money, or because they didn’t have the tools or knowledge of how to take control.

I realised that people need to be empowered and understand their emotional relationship with money to make significant changes in their life.  They need to know what is driving their spending and saving, and how this impacts their goals and dreams for the future.  I want to help our clients get off the financial treadmill and on the way to financial freedom.

It’s been an absolute pleasure to help people make this leap. Once we’ve taught them how to make behavioural changes, they are excited to see what a difference it makes in their every day life, having both the confidence and empowerment to make decisions that will impact on them positively. .

How we work with you

In 7 weeks, under Lynda’s expert guidance, I’ve completely changed my relationship with money.  I feel empowered. I’m clear on my goals. I have a great plan in place.  And I’ve never felt more in control of my finances. I’d known for decades that there was something flawed in my thinking about money.  I’d seen psychologists to try to figure it out.  But I never got even close to understanding the root of going on.  After one session with Lynda I had a complete breakthrough about my values (which are great!) and how they were driving my spending (which was bad!).  Within 3 sessions I became aware of some deep-rooted, misguided beliefs that have always held me back…


money mentors

money mentors

money mentors

money mentors