I came across an article the other day that encouraged us all to look at the positive aspects of the lockdown.  Now, we believe that it has been a perfect time to reflect on life and where we’re going, so I was keen to see what the author thought. 

The article by Ronald E Riggio Ph.D. who writes on a site we follow, Psychology Today, was based on the question, does shelter-in-place have a silver lining?

He began, undoubtedly there are terrible things happening to people’s health, their lives and to the economy caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, in the spirit of gratitude, he, together with his family, brainstormed some of the positive side effects of the several-months-long lockdown.

They came up with 15 positive side effects of the enforced lockdown, here we go:

1. Fewer expenses.  While many people are struggling with job and income loss, staying at home means less money spent on transportation/commuting, entertainment, eating out, etc.

2. Eating a little healthier.  Yes, buying and finding food has turned into a somewhat dangerous expedition of exposing yourself to supermarket crowds, but the lockdown has helped some of us focus on healthier eating — eliminating fast food, impulse snack purchases, etc.

3. Quality time with family.  While some families are experiencing stress and conflict of being sequestered in a small place, many of us are finding staying at home an opportunity to strengthen family relationships through cooperative activities and shared entertainment.

4. Catching up on reading and Netflix.  “The family that reads/streams together, stays together.” Yes, we miss going to the movies, concerts and theatres, but there’s lots of good books, movies and shows available at home.

5. Improving cooking/baking skills.  My cooking, and my wife’s baking, have benefited greatly from the opportunity to make more from less and with the luxury of putting time into our culinary/baking pursuits.

6. The pets are happy.  The dogs are getting to go on more walks and the cats get more attention (and treats).

7. Spring cleaning.  A great chance to get those ‘spring’ cleaning jobs done.  Our house and cabinets have never been more organised and we have a pile of used clothing and goods to donate when the Op Shops reopen.

8. Gardening skills are improving.  The garden has never looked better!
We’ve found time to build a raised vege garden, so we’re finally growing some delicious vegetables at home.

9. No bar tabs.  Enough said.

10. Healthier in the long run.  Because we are not exposed to others, we haven’t had any colds or non-COVID flus this autumn/spring.

11. No impulse buying.  Well, as long as we stay away from online shopping.

12. Driving less = less pollution.  Not only are we saving money on fuel (or electricity for my plug-in), but we aren’t polluting as much, and the Southern California traffic has been lighter and the air cleaner.
I agree! We live in the Bombay Hills, just south of Auckland and for the first time we can see clear across the Manukau harbour to the contours of the Waitakeres ranges, with no sign of pollution!

13. Retirement preview.  We’re getting a preview of what retirement life might look like.

14. Exercising and getting in shape.  Our treadmill has never been so active.
Besides farm activities, we’ve taken to the roads and we have never seen so many people out doing the same.  The bonus is community spirit is enhanced because they’re chatting with neighbours (with the appropriate social distancing) along the way.

15. SpiritualityThere is time for meditation, reflection and quality communications via phone and the multitude of video apps with loved ones.

What are some of your “positives” resulting from the lockdown?

I’ll add in one here.

16. The opportunity for change. Use this time to rethink your vision of the future – or perhaps to create one.

Now is the time for you to create your vision and see the opportunity to change.  For the past eight weeks, you’ve had to adapt to a new way of life and have enjoyed the opportunity to rediscover the importance of the home and the heart.

Now is the time to reinvent yourself and change the way you do things so that your future will be bright and full of success.

If you have been rethinking your money over the lockdown and want to change, to do something more positive with what you earn, we would love to help.

Drop us an email or click on this link to find a day and time that suits you to have a chat with us, we’re really very friendly.  Best of all – it’s free!

You can read the whole article by Ronald E Riggio Ph.D. here