If changing your spending or saving habits was just about maths and budgets, life would be simple.  But it’s not.

Financial Success is about more than numbers. We are Money Mentors that understand the psychology of money – as well as the numbers.

It’s time to take control

Don’t let your old money mistakes define your future.

  • Do you love the idea of being financially secure but don’t feel you’re getting there?
  • Do you want to understand why your money seems to just disappear?
  • Did you think you’d be out of debt by now but still have big debts?
  • Are you going through a major change in your life and want to make sure you’re financially equipped to handle it?
  • Do you want to know how to talk openly about money without starting a family fight?
  • Do you always feel you need more, even though you’re earning more?

Money Mentalist’s money coaching and behavioural change expertise will steer you towards financial freedom. The Money Mentalist programmes will help you look at money in a new way and put you on the path to a secure future.

Financial advisers advise you. A Money Mentalist empowers you – empowers you take control of your financial future. By helping you understand your financial behaviour, we can help you make long-lasting changes.


We’ve built a reputation for being much than personal financial management experts.

That’s why hundreds of people throughout New Zealand have turned to us for help getting off the financial treadmill. By changing their habits and their emotional connection with money, we have helped our clients achieve the financial future of their dreams.

We have programmes that are designed to work personally with you individually or as couple or in a group situation.

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"Lynda Moore"

A co-founder of Money Mentalist with a post-graduate in psychology. Lynda has also studied money psychology under psychiatrist Dr David Krueger MD, Houston, USA.

With more than 20 years in her own accounting practice, Lynda brings unique business abilities and an in-depth financial professional background to her integration of psychology and neuroscience with Mentor Coaching.

“I have felt your pain and frustration.  I have been there.  I have badly managed my money, very badly in fact, I was $600,000 in debt.  And me an accountant!  Looking at my numbers it was easy to spot, I simply over spent.  But knowing my numbers didn’t explain how I got myself in that mess – or how to get out of it.

After a good deal of research, I discovered that it’s more than just numbers that drives our money behaviour; money has a secret language.  You see, if it was all about numbers, life would be simple.  But it’s not because money is emotional.  That was the ‘aha moment’!

When I realised if money is emotional, then we need to look at our mindset, our money mindset – technically called our money psychology.  And that sent me back to university to find the answers and later, studying money psychology under psychiatrist Dr. David Krueger.”


Simon Lempriere

Simon, co-founder of Money Mentalist, has a background that includes positions as a senior engineer, a marketer and director with multi-national technology corporations and is a widely regarded expert in the arena of raising capital for R&D and Business Development. This gives him a valuable insight for clients merging emotive, financial and commercial goals.

After working for well respected organisations like Spandex Plc (a Gerber Scientific Inc. company), where he was a Director Asia Pacific Group and Regional Manager South East Asia for Gerber Scientific Inc., Simon now utilises his personal skills and corporate training to use with private clients.

The combination of his own experience in corporate life, as a successful consultant plus his expert network means Simon provides a very powerful advisory and implementation service for his clients on their growth ambitions.

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