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Kids and Cash

We had quite a lot of feedback after our last post about kids and money, so here’s more thoughts on the same topic. As I discovered when chatting to a group of parents about kids and pocket [...]

Kids and Pocket Money

The topic of pocket money (or an allowance) for children can be a highly emotive topic.  Even between parents there can be dissenting views on this subject. With the recent publicity about children and money, [...]

Relationship Golden Handcuffs

We tend to think of the ‘Golden Handcuffs’ only in terms of a work scenario.  Where the financial rewards paid are over the odds to stay in our current work situation.   Typically, this is where [...]

Why Do We Argue About Money?

A while ago we ran a series of video Q&A’s where we invited questions about money. By far and away, the most asked question was, why do my partner and I always argue about money? [...]

That Unexpected Windfall

One of the things about being on holiday, is being able to catch up on some reading.  A good thriller novel is brilliant and I have just finished reading, ‘Something in the Water’ by Catherine [...]

How Do You Build Wealth?

We were with a group of friends recently and among the topics that got thrashed around was (besides the Sevens, the cricket and a bit of music) the money we had earned during our working [...]

Financial Insecurity Makes You Irrational

You know that when you have money worries (or any worries for that matter), they can seem all consuming.  You go to bed worrying about money and it's the first thing that pops into your [...]

Secrets that Men Keep from Women

We are always scanning global publications for articles about human behaviour and the relationship with money.  An article popped up in my feed that ticked both these boxes (money and psychology) and, first glance it [...]

What About You and Me?

Sometimes, in our busy lives, we often lose sight of 'us'.  This is not a new phenomenon that’s suddenly evolved from a new age workshop or even new technology, this 'happening' has been around as [...]

The Post Holiday Blues

We’re home!  The suitcases are packed away.  Family and friends have their pressies.  The photos are downloaded and organised into meaningful folders.  The washing is done and the dogs are happy to see us - [...]

Marriage: Merge Your Finances?

When our parents got married.  It was automatic.  Finances were merged and the women changed their name.  In today’s world, a lot of couples are opting to keep their name and their finances their own.  [...]

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