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Why Don’t We Just Get on and Do It?

The lockdowns that we’ve had to endure over the last 18 months or so will have given many of us the perfect time to reflect on life.  Where we’re going and what it is that [...]

Why do We Argue About Money?

A while ago we ran a series of video Q&A’s where we invited questions about money. By far and away, the most asked question was, “why do my partner and I always argue about money?” [...]

Do Your Children Understand Money?

"From shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations" is an old proverb attributed to Andrew Carnegie. It refers to the typical cycle of wealth in a family; created by the first generation, enjoyed by the second [...]

Busting Habits

Financial habits are just as difficult for some people to make and break as any addiction or other bad habit. Yet others can change their habits quite quickly and effectively. Do those people just have [...]

Why do We Call Our Income Disposable?

So much in our world now is disposable, everyday items such as packaging, clothing and computers.  Even appliances have a much shorter lifespan than in our parents and grandparents’ day.  Everything around us seems to [...]

Five Things You Can Do to Have a Great Day

We’re normally writing about money psychology, how people’s emotions affect their relationship with money and how challenging your current money beliefs, is the first step to achieving long-term success. Today, we’re going with something different.  [...]

Why is it So Easy to Spend Money?

It sounds a really simple question, but the answer isn’t as straight forward as we would like it to be. This often asked question actually has two parts to it. The first is why do [...]

Live Like a Millionaire – For Less

The latest edition of Juno magazine is out! It's full of informative articles including money habits, all things investing, business, lifestyle memes and more. The magazine has an informed lineup of contributors.  There's an intriguing [...]

Discussing the Topic More Taboo Than Sex… Money!

For some reason, money is a perplexingly taboo subject.  In fact, people feel more comfortable talking about sex than money. In 1913 Sigmund Freud wrote, “money questions will be treated by cultured people in the same manner [...]

How to Talk to Your Partner About Money

Over the years we have written numerous blogs on couples and money and how ‘new couples’ might approach the Money subject.  It is a crucial part of any relationship, so, we thought we would give [...]

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