Celebrate Your Accomplishments!

If I asked you to write a list of your life's accomplishments, how long do you think that list would be? If I asked you to write a list of things in your life that [...]

15 Positive Things to Come Out of Lockdown

I came across an article the other day that encouraged us all to look at the positive aspects of the lockdown.  Now, we believe that it has been a perfect time to reflect on life [...]

See the Opportunity!

As upsetting as this Covid-19 thing is, it is going to end.  And it will bring major changes to all our lives; medically, how global transactions are handled, international travel, certainly financially and how we [...]

Being Happy with Your Money

Right now, here in ‘Lockdownsville’ you can be happy.  It’s not an ideal situation but often in abnormal times we surprise each other. Why do so many of us wait to be happy?  What is [...]

Rich and Intolerant

There is nothing better than getting away for a few days.  Leaving the ‘to-do’ list behind , taking time out from the workface and seeking out new adventures – or sometimes returning to our favourites. [...]

What Makes You Happier, Stuff or Experiences?

For most of us the summer holiday season is all-but over and we are well back into the routine of work and the joys of Christmas are a distant memory.  What was your highlight, the Christmas [...]

Why Wait to be Happy!

Do you ever ask yourself, “I’ll be happy when……………” just insert whatever the word is for you.   Maybe it’s when you can afford a new car or a new bikini or when the house [...]

Does Your Lifestyle Cost More than You Earn?

If you are spending more money than you earn (called living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget) you’re heading down a slippery slope and it only leads to one place, Financial Disasterville! There are [...]

I Don’t Want to be Frugal!

I don’t want to have to be frugal.  I don’t want to count every penny that I spend, to restrict myself to only one coffee a week.  Or even worse (well, in my mind anyway), [...]

Can You Pay for Your Christmas Splurge?

You really wanted this year to begin right.  To get a better handle on your money – know what comes in, where it goes and have more left over.  And yet here we are, the [...]

7 Tips to Beat Those Post Christmas Money Blues

Christmas is over for another year.  How did you go?  Survived with your mind intact?  This wonderful time of the year creates an atmosphere that can sweep you along and before you know it, you’ve [...]

Try Shopping Differently This Christmas

Only two sleeps until Christmas!  Why is it that every year it’s always the same – a mad rush to finish work for the year and then there’s getting the Christmas shopping done. Decisions await [...]

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