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Is Being Rich the Same as Being Wealthy?

On the face of it, the two words seem to mean the same thing. But, that is not actually the case. Lance Drucker is a Financial Adviser and recently came across an article in the [...]

Financial Anxiety Surrounding the Pandemic

The global pandemic has created a lot of turmoil about confronting the fears that surround money.  Worldwide, many people are facing increased stress about money and are hunting for a solution. One great solution is [...]

How is Your Financial Self-Care Right Now?

We survived YK2, the 87-stock market crash and the 2007/2008 GFC, now, we’re fighting our way through Covid-19.  And yes, we will survive this as well. But just like the other major world events, it [...]

Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Think back to last Christmas.  Were there a number of toys and other gifts that you bought for your kids that sat on the sidelines?  Was there no real interest in them?   Perhaps you bought [...]

The Psychology Behind Christmas Shopping

The festive season is in full swing!  The shops are decked with holly and Christmas trees, the jolly laugh of Santa can be heard echoing in the malls, as are the unmistakable excited voices of [...]

Black Friday Sales

Can you survive Black Friday Sales?  It’s only ONE week away and it's often a time when we spend outside our means because we're getting a great deal. The truth is you maybe getting 40% [...]

Willpower = Decision

Willpower can be translated into one word. That word is decision. It is a decision to hold ourselves accountable and chase the things that we want. It can relate to anything from weight loss to [...]

This is a Smart Little Piggy Bank!

You've not seen a Piggy Bank like this.  It's Fun, Smart, Rewarding and Simple! Over the past 4 weeks, our guest blogger, Will Rainey from Blue Tree Savings, has written a weekly blog about a [...]

Teach Your Kids About ‘The Joneses’

One of the main reasons many adults today overspend is because they try to ‘Keep up with the Joneses’. We all do it to some extent.  I know I have.  I once bought a new [...]

Teaching Your Kids About Debt

In the first blog of this ‘Money and Kids’ series, I highlighted that the most important piece for your kids to learn is to form great money habits.  It’s the money habits that our kids [...]

The Most Important Money Lesson For Kids

What is the most important lesson to teach your kids when it comes to money?  Simple. “Don’t spend all your money!” You give your little Johnny a chocolate bar and don’t say anything, they’ll eat the [...]

How to Teach Your Kids About Money – Part 2

This is Part 2 of How to Teach Your Kids about Money.  Money is such an important aspect of all of our lives, yet, unfortunately being taught how to manage money not taught in most [...]

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