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What About You and Me?

Sometimes, in our busy lives, we often lose sight of 'us'.  This is not a new phenomenon that’s suddenly evolved from a new age workshop or even new technology, this 'happening' has been around as [...]

The Post Holiday Blues

We’re home!  The suitcases are packed away.  Family and friends have their pressies.  The photos are downloaded and organised into meaningful folders.  The washing is done and the dogs are happy to see us - [...]

Marriage: Merge Your Finances?

When our parents got married.  It was automatic.  Finances were merged and the women changed their name.  In today’s world, a lot of couples are opting to keep their name and their finances their own.  [...]

Beware: 5 Money Mistakes for Couples

Once upon a time you met someone special, you fell in love and after a while, started a life together.  Financial decisions were made, although quite often they just happened rather than being a conscious [...]

We’re Going on Holiday!

The phrase, ‘We’re going on holiday!’ conjures up a range wonderful thoughts, from adventurous roads trips to winging away for a spontaneous adventure.  It invokes images of pool side, beach time, powder ski slopes, visiting [...]

Wanna Play?

“Grandma, you Wanna Play?”  It’s 10am on a Tuesday morning and our three-year-old granddaughter has come into my office with an irresistible smile and asks me if I wanna play.  Without any hesitation, I stop [...]

Love and Money, Goes Together Like…

What does love and money have in common?  Well, both improve the quality of your life.  If your relationship with your partner is fantastically wonderful, then your life is most likely going to be humming [...]

Figured out Where You are Going?

Setting goals for the New Year is great, but if you really want to get serious then you need help from a coach, mentor or accountability partner. After the excesses of Christmas and a week [...]

Declutter Your Finances

I woke up this morning with the urge to clean!  No, I don’t mean the usual push the vacuum cleaner round, a bit of dusting or dealing to those shower marks. I mean a deep [...]

Here’s How Your Relationship Can Survive Christmas!

Christmas.  A festive time of giving, eating and celebrate time with family and the start of summer holidays for many in the Southern hemisphere.  Relaxing and enjoying time with the ones you love.  Sound’s idyllic [...]

Women and Men and Money Myths

Men and women are different in their money behaviours and feelings about money. We explored this and where these differences come from in our blog Men and Women and Money and their Differences. How do [...]

Men and Women and Money and their Differences

It shouldn’t come as any great shock to of you that men and women are different.  In case this is breaking news to you or you’re just from another planet, John Gray wrote a pretty interesting [...]