Does Your Lifestyle Cost More than You Earn?

If you are spending more money than you earn (called living a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget) you’re heading down a slippery slope and it only leads to one place, Financial Disasterville! There are [...]

I Don’t Want to be Frugal!

I don’t want to have to be frugal.  I don’t want to count every penny that I spend, to restrict myself to only one coffee a week.  Or even worse (well, in my mind anyway), [...]

Can You Pay for Your Christmas Splurge?

You really wanted this year to begin right.  To get a better handle on your money – know what comes in, where it goes and have more left over.  And yet here we are, the [...]

7 Tips to Beat Those Post Christmas Money Blues

Christmas is over for another year.  How did you go?  Survived with your mind intact?  This wonderful time of the year creates an atmosphere that can sweep you along and before you know it, you’ve [...]

Try Shopping Differently This Christmas

Only two sleeps until Christmas!  Why is it that every year it’s always the same – a mad rush to finish work for the year and then there’s getting the Christmas shopping done. Decisions await [...]

7 Tips to Deal With Debt Stress

Six out of 10 Americans say money is a “significant form of stress” for them.  But, if you’re willing to do the work, debt stress relief is possible — even if your debt lingers. This [...]

Does the Festive Season Stress Your Relationship?

Christmas.  A festive and joyous time of the year where we get together with families and friends, exchange gifts and enjoy lovingly prepared food.  For some it marks an important calendar event in their faith [...]

Do You Have the Right Mortgage Approval?

Several years ago, we posted this guest blog by Cam Hastie from Go2Guys, with some hard hitting advice having the right mortgage approval, and we got some great feedback.  And since we currently have a [...]

Saving for a House Deposit

With all the changes to lending criteria, saving for a house deposit seems to have just got a whole lot harder. New Year’s resolution: “OK, I'm going to start saving for my house deposit, so [...]

Why is Spending Money So Easy?

While this sounds a really simple question, the answer isn’t as straight forward as we might think. This simple question actually has two parts to it. The first is why are we spending money and [...]

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