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Forget Budgets. They Don’t Work!

Let’s face it no one likes to budget.  You feel like you are being constricted and you have to be frugal and deny yourself the ‘luxuries’ in life.  Besides, why should you budget?  You earn [...]

Clutter, the Guest Who Overstayed

Ever thought your thinking was cluttered?  No?  How about your stuff?  All of us accumulate stuff and most of us are reluctant to throw out a lot of this stuff because this seems like abandoning some [...]

You Could be Doing Even Better with Money

Let's start with 4 questions (these are the sort of questions that helps determine whether you will be a Money Master or a struggler): When you think about money, do you think 1, 5, or 10 [...]

What’s Keeping You Awake at Night?

We hear versions of this conversation many times. “I'm worried.  If an unexpected bill comes in, it is always a stretch to find the money, so out comes the credit card.  We just get that [...]

What’s Your Money Ceiling?

Whether we’re in business or not, we all have money beliefs and until we start examining those beliefs, we may not be aware of them. Our money beliefs generate our behaviours or attitudes which greatly [...]

As Rare as Hens’ Teeth!

An old phrase my grandma used to say, “Women in business, owning and operating large growing successful companies that are highly profitable are as rare as hens’ teeth.” Or are they?  Or is it that [...]

Why Most Women Undervalue Themselves Financially

Is there something in our genetics that leads women to undervalue themselves financially? Maybe there is.  We know that men and women are hardwired differently (read about Leonard Sax’s research into this here). Boys and [...]

Are You Setting Goals or are they just Ideas?

Goal-setting requires clarity.  Decide on what it is that you want and then on how you are going to achieve it.  Think of it a bit like going on holiday.  Where do you want to go?  [...]

Baby Boomers, the Time is Right!

NOW is the time for Baby Boomers to exit their businesses. Our guest blogger this week is Graham Hoffmann, a Senior Business Broker at LINK Business Brokers. Before we start, who exactly are ‘Baby Boomers’?  [...]

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