Do You Have the Right Mortgage Approval?

Several years ago, we posted this guest blog by Cam Hastie from Go2Guys, with some hard hitting advice having the right mortgage approval, and we got some great feedback.  And since we currently have a [...]

Saving for a House Deposit

With all the changes to lending criteria, saving for a house deposit seems to have just got a whole lot harder. New Year’s resolution: “OK, I'm going to start saving for my house deposit, so [...]

Why is Spending Money So Easy?

While this sounds a really simple question, the answer isn’t as straight forward as we might think. This simple question actually has two parts to it. The first is why are we spending money and [...]

You Can Learn to Manage Money

Were you taught to manage money?  If you weren't, you are not alone. Most of us weren't and for those that were, it just isn’t taught very well.  Managing your money is a learned skill.  [...]

5 Bad Money Habits and How to Break Them

We all have habits.  Some are good, like exercising regularly and some are not so good, like the biscuit or chocolate bar late in the afternoon to "keep us going." The thing with habits is [...]

Keeping Up Appearances

The awkwardly funny 90’s British sitcom, ‘Keeping Up Appearances’, is about Hyacinth Bucket’s (pronounced Bouquet) life mission to impress neighbours - and everyone else she meets. When it comes to money, there is a lot [...]

Honey, Let’s Talk About Money

For any couple to have a successful and loving relationship, you both need to have a clear understanding of your common and independent goals.  So it should come as no surprise that your financial relationship is [...]

Could You Use Money to Buy Time?

Yes, you can.  The last 40 years has seen rising levels of income and advances in consumer technologies that make it easier now than ever before, to use money to buy time. But, beware, there [...]

Teenagers and Money – part 2

Teenagers and Money - a huge topic!  In Part 1 we covered Responsibility, Accountability and Consequences, this week we’re talking about helping your teen build a money plan - not a budget. If your teenager [...]

Teenagers and Money – part 1

The subject of Money and Teenagers is a biggie, so we’ve split it into two parts. In this first part we take a look at Responsibility, Accountability and Consequences. When it comes to teaching your teens [...]