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Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

I have the privilege of coaching some amazingly talented individuals. From all walks of life, cultures, ages and skill sets. Everyone’s goal is unique and every coaching session is different. You never go into a [...]

You are Successful. Own it!

I recently caught up with a business coach friend of mine.  We were chatting about some of the common themes that we are seeing in our clients and as it happens, we are seeing the same [...]

Who Controls Your Financial Decisions?

This may seem a strange question to ask and the obvious answer is You!  You are in charge and you make your own financial decisions. But which you?  Unless you have an identical twin this [...]

Nurture the Goose that Lays the Golden Egg!

“Is that all I am going to get after 25 years hard work in our business!” exclaimed a very emotional and distraught colleague.  Her anxiety made a little worse having learned she been replaced by [...]

Numbers Just Aren’t My Thing!

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard business owners, (particularly women) say this we would be dinning in Monaco - weekly! There seems to be this perception that you are either [...]

Interview with Remarkable Women Radio

Towards the end of last month Lynda Moore from Money Mentalist was interviewed by Mandy Beverley from Remarkable Women Radio, Planet FM 104.6.  Listen here as Lynda explains how Money Mentalist came about, her […]

Baby Boomers – Not All of You are OK

In a recent video series, the Q&A Forum,  we answered questions from people throughout Australia and NZ.  Among the dozens of questions we received was one that broached a subject that is fast becoming very [...]

Do You Financially Support Adult Children?

It is an exciting day, albeit tinged with a bit of sadness, when our children leave home. Maybe they are off to see the world, heading to university or flatting with their mates. Does this mean we [...]

Perceptions About Happiness and Wealth

I was flicking through some old news stories recently and came across Deborah Hill Cone’s piece in the NZ Herald about her change in perception towards wealth and happiness. There's been renewed interest in the [...]

Spend Less than You Earn – Yeah Right!

The first rule of sound personal financial management is to spend less than you earn.  It sounds really easy and makes sense... so why are so many of us in debt?! In fact, if it [...]

Saving Can Be FUN

Saving up is hard to do… sounds like a song doesn’t it?  But just like a lot of other worthwhile habits we should all do more of, saving can be boring.  It also can be [...]

Our Money has Gone

We were away with a bunch of friends over the weekend and among the topics that got thrashed around (besides the Sevens, the cricket and a bit of music) was this very topic.  No, I [...]

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