Couples and Money

Our Free e-book, ‘Couples and Money’ is a great way to start a
happy money marriage and a key ingredient to a happier relationship!

In this e-book we explore…

  • How your money history affects your relationship:  When we are growing up we generally pay little attention to our money background.  But as we get older, we become more aware of our family’s financial position and how that compares to our peers.  
  • Men and Women are different:  Besides the obvious physiological differences, there are also psychological differences.  So, it also shouldn’t come as a shock to learn that when it comes to money, men and women are different as well – which adds a further layer of complication to a couple’s relationship.
  • Your money personality:  Your ‘money personality’ is a behavioural pattern relating to your spending and saving.  At different times in your life, and depending on circumstances, you may see more than one money personality type in yourself.
  • Working through your money personality differences:  What do you do if you have a different personality from your partner?  One of the most common pairings is Spender and Hoarder.
  • Talking about money:  We come into a relationship with our own beliefs and behaviours around money.  Whether it is your first, second or third relationship, you bring that baggage with you and it needs to be dealt with.
  • To merge or not to merge:  When our parents got married.  Finances were merged and the women changed their name.  Today a lot of couples are opting to keep their name and their finances their own.  We look at a few of the pro’s and con’s for both sides which may help you decide whether or not to merge your finances.
  • Financial infidelity:  Financial infidelity tends to be perceived as not as serious as having an affair.  But the damage it can do to a relationship can have long term consequences.

couples and money