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Custom Programmes

From Emotional Economics and understanding the art and science of money psychology to money management principles, we can design a specific programme according to your need.

Whether you have particular needs as an individual or couple or you are wanting something tailored for your employees, we can provide you with skills and knowledge to reach your financial goals.

What people are saying…

“I work in Milestone Financial Services as an Authorised Financial Adviser. My specialty is holistic financial planning. Attending Money Mornings was a great experience.

I loved hearing from Lynda, who is always fabulous, but her insights into why we fail or succeed and how we can trick our brain or change our thinking around money.. I can use this with so many different clients. Personally, I took out of it a different way of thinking about my own money plan. I mentally limit myself more often than I realised, where Lynda talked about how to expand your options!

I consider myself pretty money savvy, however I found tons of inspiration in hearing from Penny about sales and specific ideas around how to generate more valuable business and really push myself further. Being clear, knowing your numbers, above all don’t apologise for charging or sell yourself short with unnecessary discounts. Value yourself! I can honestly say I have implemented this in my business since.

The day wasn’t just fun, and wonderful networking with really amazing and smart women, but I got real value out of the exercises we did. Having open discussions and hearing from problems other business women faces as a  real insight. Highly recommend this workshop, and I cannot speak highly enough of Penny and Lynda.”

Katharina Tetzlaff – Milestone Financial

“The Morning Mornings seminar offered great psychological insights, plus some practical tools for helping grow your business, for personal and professional success. I’d definitely attend another!”

Brenda Ward – Editor, JUNO Investing Magazine

“Money mornings was everything and above what I was hoping it to be. Lynda and Penny shared their knowledge in an engaging and informative way – it was an easy to understand and inspirational few hours.

I would thoroughly recommend women to go along and get valuable insights that are beneficial to running a business. I came away feeling energised with a new outlook on money and sales to enhance my business. “

Catherine Baker – The Brand Depot, New Plymouth

I found this workshop [How to use Anchoring to Improve Business Profits] hugely beneficial to how I run my business, because I didn’t realise the incredible power of Anchoring, and that as an individual I was being “anchored” in my everyday life, without knowing it! It has encouraged me to look at my business with my new found knowledge of anchoring. This has helped me to focus and fine tune how I present my business and services.”

Janina Gaudin – Portmanteau Digital

“I was recommended to Lynda by a business colleague of mine – and I was so pleased for the introduction.  We were in the process of developing our new ‘Break Through Women in Business’ Program and were needing to package up the content and decide on pricing options. 

Lynda was integral in helping us shape the programs and set pricing options to suit different stages in business.  She has a great ability to help you get clear about what you want to achieve and has a valuable practical approach to turn it into a ‘do-able’ workable plan. 

Lynda’s coaching around money mindset also helped us feel good about what we are charging and the value our clients will be receiving.  If you want a fast way to transform your thinking around money and business – spend some time with Lynda from the Money Mentalist….!”

Fiona Clark – BreakThough Business Solutions Ltd