I woke up this morning with the urge to clean!  No, I don’t mean the usual push the vacuum cleaner round, a bit of dusting or dealing to those shower marks.

I mean a deep clean.  Empty the cupboards out, see what is lurking in the back of the pantry and have a good old decluttering session.

O.K. I confess, Marie Kondo has got to me too…

That got me thinking.  We need to spring clean our finances on a regular basis as well.  Have a look at all the automatic payments and direct debits that come out of your bank account.

Do you know what they are for?

Do you still want the service you are paying for?

It is also a good opportunity to review other expenses like your insurances, phone and power provider to see if there are any deals you could capitalise on.

What about your credit card?  If you have a balance just sitting there that won’t go away, are there any options by changing credit card company that could help reduce the cost?  Or do other credit cards offer a better rewards scheme.

Don’t forget to look at your savings.  When was the last time you increased your contribution to your savings plan?  If you got rid of a couple of unused subscriptions, you could divert the money to savings instead.

Oh well, it’s back to the kitchen cupboards for me…

If you would like some help decluttering your finances and getting into financial shape this year, we would love to help.  Book a strategy call here – it’s totally free!