Our free e-book, ‘Spice Up Your Relationship with Money’
is our gift to start you on your journey to financial freedom.

Do you have financial independence?

You may be feeling like you are doing everything you can to achieve financial independence in your life, but you are just not getting anywhere.  If you think that managing your money and achieving financial freedom is just about the ‘numbers’, then this e-book will help you to evaluate what your relationship with money is really about.

Our clients have realised there are underlying emotions and beliefs around money that are stopping them from achieving the financial independence they are striving for.  This realisation has given them the power to take control and their relationship with money, which has had an enormous positive impact on their lives and planning for their future.

If you haven’t thought about the impact your emotions and beliefs have on you, this e-book (the first in a series of 3) will get you started by looking at your relationship with money.

Once you start to realise how you really feel about money, can you then start to pave the way to financial independence.

Our e-book, ‘Spice up your relationship with money’ looks at:

  • Getting a grip on where you are financially and working out how you are going to move your life to where you want it to be.
  • Financial Independence. You say you are committed to it, but you just don’t feel you are getting there.
  • Challenging your current money beliefs is the first step to achieving long-term financial success.
  • Understand your emotional relationship with money and why it is holding you back.
  • To become financially fulfilled is 80% about understanding your money psychology and only 20% practical money management.
  • Setting financial goals: think like a Travel Agent – where are you now, where do you want to go and how are you going to get there.
  • Planning for Financial Fulfilment.