To get what you’ve never had, you’ll probably have to do what you’ve never done
– Dr. David Krueger

Join us for the evening and learn…

Keen to get ahead in life but worried about sacrificing time with your family?

Don’t let old money mistakes define your future. We’ve partnered with NZ Home Loans Pukekohe to give you the tools to:

  • Become debt free faster
  • Save thousands in interest costs
  • Achieve the things you want
  • Protect your financial future
  • Reach your goals without burning out

If you haven’t reached your financial potential yet and still think you have more to go, join us Tuesday 16 October, for our presentation.

The Speakers

John van Winden from NZ Home Loans Pukekohe, explains how using the NZ Home Loans Debtnav system, clients are currently saving over $41 million in interest p.a. and taking years off their mortgage term.  John will show you how to do the same and save thousands of $$ in interest.

Lynda Moore a co-founder of Money Mentalist, explains why we do dumb things with money and how Money Mentalist helps individuals, families and businesses manage their finances to achieve their goals.


WHERE:  The Loom, 7H Tobin St. (behind the Casi Clinic)

WHEN:  16 October, 7pm start – 8:30pm

COST:   $10  –  includes tea, coffee & biscuits

Limited to 30 seats!

money mentalist

All proceeds go to Pukekohe Hospice


money mentalist

FREE Live online Workshop – Tuesday 28 November

Does the thought of money overwhelm you?

Are you earning more and more but for some reason don’t have anything left at the end of each month?

We are all told by ‘money experts’ that becoming financially successful was all about spending less than you earn and knowing your numbers.

Well, if it were that simple, why aren’t we all millionaires in our 30’s and 40’s?

 Over the last 10 years we have coached and helped hundreds of Female business owners, Couples and single Mums breakthrough their barriers, beliefs, behaviours and relationship with money and ultimately empower them to reach their financial potential.

If you haven’t reached your financial potential yet, or still think you have more to go,
join us Tuesday 28 November, for our FREE live online workshop,


You have a choice of 3 times to join this live workshop (NZST):

10.00 am

1.00 pm

8.00 pm.

Click the button below to enroll in this free workshop.

money mentalist


money mornings

Own your Money in your Mind, Bank and Business

We’re back, this time with 3 dynamic speakers to help you escalate your financial growth!

Money Mornings was everything and above I was hoping it to be.

Lynda and Penny shared their knowledge in an engaging and informative way – it was easy to understand and an inspirational few hours.

I would thoroughly recommend women to go along and get valuable insights that are beneficial to running a business.

I came away feeling energised with a new outlook on money and sales to enhance my business.

Catherine Baker, The Brand Depot - CEO

WHEN:  23 November 2017, 9:30am – 1:30pm

WHERE: The Clarian Room Level 1, 20 Beaumont Street, St Mary’s Bay, Auckland

INVESTMENT:  $299 inc GST, includes a light networking lunch

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:  Book before 10 November and get $100 off!



A ‘Money Mornings’ event – Own your Money in your  Mind, Bank and Business

“The Money Mornings seminar offered great psychological insights, plus some practical tools for helping grow your business, for personal and professional success.  I’d definitely attend another!”  Brenda Ward, Editor, JUNO Investing magazine.

For women who want to escalate their financial growth in 2017

  • Do you shy away from your bank account?
  • Do you feel icky or sleazy when it comes to sales?
  • Does your bank balance reflect the amount of work you put into your business?
  • Would you like to know how to bring more money into your life and business?

Most women would rather have a root canal than talk about money with a professional.

Intense and often complicated feelings surround our relationship with money.  Feelings such as shame, guilt, anger, inadequacy, grief and confusion can cloud decision-making, threaten relationships and intensify dysfunctional business practices.

 The workshop covered,

  • How to throw your budget out the window and create a money plan that is true to your heart – and that you will want to follow!
  • The reason why most men earn more than we do and how to claw that back.
  • Getting into the nitty gritty of where your money’s coming from in your business.
  • How to sell and still be you.
  • Meet and network with other inspiring female entrepreneurs.

 A Money Mentalist and Penny Comins Presentation

Maximise Your Business Profits: How to use anchoring to improve business profits

One of the keys to running a successful business is ensuring that your profits levels are sustainable and that you are calculating the profit from each product or service correctly.

A “Psychology in Business” workshop with two business experts as they share their knowledge on the financial, strategic and psychological aspects of running a business.

  • How to recognise and use the extraordinary psychological power of Anchoring.
  • How to get more of your customers and prospects to become loyal to your business, regardless of what your
    competitors are doing
  • How Anchoring will help you make smarter financial decisions, business and personal decisions.
  • How to position your products or services for better profits.

I found this workshop hugely beneficial to how I run my business, because I didn’t realise the incredible power of anchoring, and that as an individual I was being “anchored”  in my everyday life, without knowing it! It has encouraged me to look at my business with my new found knowledge of anchoring. This has helped me to focus and fine tune how I present my business and services. 

-Janina Gaudin, Portmanteau Digital