Setting goals for the New Year is great, but if you really want to get serious then you need help from a coach, mentor or accountability partner.

After the excesses of Christmas and a week of relaxation at the beach, the last thing I wanted to do on the first day back was get up early and head to the gym.

Let’s face it, with this weather, I am still in holiday mode.  The sun is shining, a lot of our clients are still away and there is nothing pressing on the ‘to do’ list so why not chill out, relax.  The gym will still be there next week.

Does this sound like you after a break away?

So why did I leap out of bed and head to the gym and push my very reluctant body to do a weights workout and some cardio?

Well, in a couple of days time I have a session with my personal trainer.  He always kicks my butt and pushes me to my limits.  I know if I don’t get a couple of days of training in first, it’s not going to be pretty.

I am not telling you this story to get you motivated to go to the gym (but hey, if that is what you get out of this blog, great).

The point is, if I didn’t have my personal trainer, I would have procrastinated on returning to the gym and it would have been harder to get back into the exercise regime and achieve my fitness goals for the year.

I had made the appointment with my trainer before Christmas so I could keep my New Year goals front of mind.  I didn’t want to blow a year’s hard work over the Christmas break and a week at the beach.  So I still did some exercise, just not as strenuous as usual.

It doesn’t matter what it is you want to commit to, losing weight, getting fit, improving your business or your personal financial situation.

Unless you are exceptionally disciplined, I don’t believe you can do it on your own.  You need a mentor or a coach or an accountability partner to help keep you on track, to keep you motivated when you feel a bit flat.

Someone to pick you up and dust you off when things don’t go so well and share the celebration with you when you succeed.

Where do you find people to help you?

Depending on what you goal is, you might use a professional and pay them as I do my personal trainer.  We’ve recently hired a a strategist to make sure that we keep on track with our goals.

The beauty about using an ‘outsider’ is that they can be more objective.  Because we work so closely in the business, often we have trouble seeing the ‘trees for the forest’ and an outsider brings fresh eyes.

There are also the mentors that you may never meet.  Simply reading and following people you admire and can relate to via books, online newsletters, webinars and blogs can also work really well.  For  example I consider Darren Hardy, Brendon Burchard and Alan Weiss mentors.

So, get your goals for the year underway (if you haven’t already) and then go through your network and see who can help you achieve them.

Don’t be scared to ask someone to mentor or coach you, most people consider it an honour to be asked.

If you would like some help getting into financial shape this year, we would love to help.  Book a call with us at a day and time that suits you – it’s absolutely free!