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fire-up your money management
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Fire-Up your Money Management

If managing your money and paying off your mortgage faster or reaching new financial goals is your primary aim right now. This programme is for you.

The Fire-Up your Money Management programme is six fortnightly sessions with monthly resource updates over the next 3 months to help you achieve your 90-day goal. The programme teaches you to manage your finances and bring awareness of your financial behaviour from the back of your mind to the front. We will show you how to successfully manage your money with just 30 minutes a week.

We set you up with your own personalised online system, which we teach you how to use and monitor your progress. This system helps you track your spending, build your money plan and set your goals. We use behavioural economics to help you understand your income and expenses from a different perspective than usual accounting principles.

Each month we provide you with bonus resources to give you an insight and tips and tricks into your financial behaviour and how you can improve.

What people are saying…

“We were referred to Money Mentalist by our financial advisor as we had just embarked on our first rental property investment.  Their 6 week programme helped us completely change our mindset on money by realising that budgeting isn’t the only way to get ahead.  Becoming more aware of why we were spending made a very real difference and helped us look at ways we could satisfy the same needs without spending as much.

Apart from that, saving has become a real joy. It doesn’t feel as if we’ve changed our lifestyle one bit and still travel as we always have. The big difference between now and a year ago before going through the Money Mentalist programme is that our savings are growing faster than expected and we’re excited by just how much.

We recommend Lynda and Simon without any hesitation. Their passion and enthusiasm are genuine and they have an ongoing commitment to our success. We couldn’t have achieved what we have without them.”

Brian Walker & Tom Steward – Auckland

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