Men, women and money
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Men Women and Money: Building the Life You Want!

If you want to feel confident that you and your partner are on the same page and heading in the same direction when it comes to your money, this programme is for you.

We teach you how to implement the habits of financially successful happy couples.

You will learn how to change your ‘money psychology’ so that you are both speaking the same money language and putting the right structures in place so you reach your joint financial goals.

The Men, Women and Money programme runs over six fortnightly sessions and teaches you to understand not only your own relationship with money, but also your partner’s and how you can work together as a team.

You will come away with:

  • An understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses with money and how to work to your strengths as a team.
  • Discover peace of mind. Relieve stress about money in your relationship and grow together as a family.
  • A sense of control over your money and relationship empowerment by understanding your financial situation.
  • How to develop a strategy for planning and managing money.
  • Discovering where you want be and how to get there. In other words, growing together as a family unit and building the life you want.
  • The systems to monitor and manage your personal finance numbers.
  • The steps and process to build a modern family money plan using Behavioural Economics – not a budget.

What people are saying…

“We enlisted Money Mentalist’s help with our finances several months ago when we purchased our first rental property. It was very important to us that we succeeded with our investment, and felt as though an overhaul of our current financial ‘system’ was needed – we had always been TERRIBLE at managing our cashflow, and fluctuated in and out of debt via a hefty bank overdraft.

After working closely with Lynda for just one session, we both knew we had made an incredibly intelligent decision! Her cool, calm, and collected way of negotiating discrepancies in both our business and personal banking accounts meant that she was able to pull us out of a very stressful situation. Not only was she able to do this, but we are now also saving money; paying down immediate debt with ease; and confident enough to be moving forward independently. Our spending habits have changed for the better. For all of this, we are eternally grateful!!!

My husband and I can not recommend Money Mentalist’s services enough. We honestly could not have gone down this road without Lynda.

Thank you, Lynda – from the bottom of our hearts!“

Simon & Jessica King – Auckland

“Going through the Men, Women and Money Programme with Lynda has opened our eyes, busted myths and triggered important conversations about our relationship with money, and each other. After going into the programme feeling pretty overwhelmed, we now feel we can have a positive relationship with money and control it – rather than the other way around!”

Jonathon and Sarah – Entrepreneur & Marketer, Auckland

“I had the assumption that I didn’t need support with my finances as I thought I had it covered.  After time with the Money Mentalist, I came away with a new outlook and tools that will greatly help me and my partner. Highly recommend!”

Drew & Emma Smillie – Scotland