Where ever you are in the world, with just one week left until Christmas, many of us are frantically working through a list of to-dos that includes presents to buy, work to complete, and social engagements to tick off.  Before things get too crazy, make sure you read this week’s articles – ‘Mental Accounting’ and ‘It’s Christmas, Let’s Go Shopping!’ to help keep things in check.  Nobody wants to face the New Year with a financial hangover.

Before we head off for a well-earned break, we would like to reflect on what makes Christmas such a special time of year.

It has nothing to do with money! 1292575731exIUFz

Christmas is a time for giving, and giving doesn’t have a monetary value.  You don’t have to buy the biggest present in the store to show someone how much you care.  All it may take is a bunch of flowers, some home baking or a hug to show someone you are thinking of them.  You don’t need money to show your appreciation or help others.

For those of us that are going into summer, enjoy the pavlova and don’t forget the sunblock!

From all of us at Money Mentalist, have a Happy Christmas, a safe summer or winter break and wishing you all a very prosperous New Year we wish you a very happy Christmas.