Money Mentor Programmes

Every single one of our decisions are governed by our emotions.

Economic theory assumes we always behave rationally whereas in real life, we don’t.  Why?  Because we attach emotion to money.

At some point, we all come to realise that we’ve been trying to change something about our habits or behaviors for a long time and haven’t done it.  We’re aware of it, we know it’s important, and we have to constantly remind ourselves to deal with it.

The overwhelming odds are that you’re not going to make the desired changes by yourself.

If you haven’t done it to this point, what makes you think you’re going to get it done now or tomorrow?  You’re not, you need help.  That’s the first step — recognising that you can’t do this alone.

That’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all need help at one time or another. No matter what our progression in life, we arrive at junctures where we need others’ help to successfully continue the journey.

The trouble is, there are those who never realise that; there are those who realise it but their egos prevent them from asking and there are those who easily and constantly ask.

Which are you?

What you are missing is some fundamental psychological and practical skills that those who achieve financial freedom have learnt.

It isn’t too late, you can still learn these skills. We can help.

Is this you?

  • Arguing and fighting with your partner over money?
  • Sick of the stress in your relationship caused by money?
  • Committed to financial independence but don’t feel you are getting there?
  • Trying to get your finances under control but nothing seems to make a difference?
  • Feeling that you are working harder with a good income but have very little to show for it.

You will learn to:

  • Improve your business and personal finances. Learn how your business and personal finances relate to each other and what impact your decisions will have on both aspects of your life.
  • Relieve stress about your long-term future and retirement. Discover where you want to be and how to get there.
  • Stop the arguments about money!
  • Move ahead financially so that you and your family can build a successful and happy life together.
  • Make change happen fast by becoming aware of your values and your beliefs that drive your spending.
  • Learn how to create a Money Plan – Budgets don’t work.  Build achievable plans and goals.
  • Gain a sense of control and empowerment by understanding your financial situation.

How do we do this?

  • We teach you to permanently change our money habits by getting you understanding your money mindset (your money psychology) so that you can get ahead financially.
  • We demystify the process by using systems and processes that help you manage your money on a day to day basis.
  • We drill down into this formula: Beliefs drive Actions which drive Reality.
  • It’s never about budgeting!

Being told to how to budget and to ‘harden up’ doesn’t fix those old habits.

We have life-changing programmes that will teach you how to reset your mindset, change your habits so you can build a happy and successful life.  It takes more than ‘good intentions’ to achieve financial success.

money mentalist programmes

Men Women and Money: Building the Life You Want

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If you want to feel confident that you and your partner are on the same page and heading in the same direction when it comes to your money, this programme is for you.

We teach you how to implement the habits of financially successful happy couples. 

You will learn how your ‘money psychology’ influences your decisions so that you are both speaking the same money language and putting the right structures in place so you reach your joint financial goals.

The Men, Women and Money programme runs over six fortnightly sessions and teaches you to understand not only your own relationship with money, but also your partner’s and how you can work together as a team.

You will come away with:

  • An understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses with money and how to work to your strengths as a team.
  • Discover peace of mind. Relieve stress about money in your relationship and grow together as a family.
  • A sense of control over your money and relationship empowerment by understanding your financial situation.
  • How to develop a strategy for planning and managing money.
  • Discovering where you want be and how to get there.  In other words, growing together as a family unit and building the life you want.
  • The systems to monitor and manage your personal finance numbers.
  • The steps and process to build a modern family money plan using Behavioural Economics – not a budget.

money-mind switch

The Money-Mind Switch

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Our New Live Online Group Coaching Programme

Your financial roadmap to take you from a place of stress about money, to the lifestyle you want in 60 days or less!

There are Four sessions held over Eight weeks, each session has five modules,

Session 1. What is money and what does it mean to you?

Session 2. How do you create more?

Session 3. Realign your spending and pay off debt.

Session 4. Let’s get practical

You will create:

  • A proven system on how to rewrite your money story and identify your money beliefs.
  • A strategy for your income and creating more wealth in your life.
  • A system to manage your money, pay your debt effectively and allocate more time to the things in life that are important to you.

Designed to move you from the financial rut you’re in.

  • Each live session is recorded so you can come back to it in your own time.
  • Your personal Workbook for the programme.
  • Worksheets for all the exercises.
  • Monthly updates to help you on your journey.

fire-up your money management

Fire-Up your Money Management

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If managing your money and paying off your mortgage faster or reaching new financial goals is your primary aim right now. This programme is for you.

The Fire-Up your Money Management programme is 4-fortnightly sessions with monthly resource updates over the next 3 months to help you acheive your 90-day goal. The programme teaches you to manage your finances and bring awareness of your financial behaviour from the back of your mind to the front. We will show you how to successfully manage your money with just 30 minutes a week.

We set you up with your own personalised online system, which we teach you how to use and monitor your progress. This system helps you track your spending, build your money plan and set your goals. We use behavioural economics to help you understand your income and expenses from a different perspective than usual accounting principles.

Each month we provide you with bonus resources to give you an insight and tips and tricks into your financial behaviour and how you can improve.

money mentalist programmes

Your New Money Story® Mentor Coaching

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Your New Money Story® is a comprehensive 10-fortnightly session programme that uses Emotional Economics® to master the art and science of financial empowerment.

  • Decipher the secret language encrypted in money
  • Move from fear of money to mastery
  • Identify the self-statements made with money behaviours
  • Recognise money behaviours ghost written by your mind’s hidden assumptions
  • Overcome your brain’s patterned responses that lead to bad decisions
  • Develop the art and science of money strategies
  • Identify and remedy 27 emotionally based financial fallacies

We partner with you either individually or as a couple. A comprehensive workbook takes you through the seven scientific steps of transformation to address changes of behaviour, mind and brain, which is the ROADMAP™ for a New Money Story®.

We will be with you as you learn how to implement the practical systems and processes to manage your money, so you clearly know what is coming in and going out and how to reach your financial goals.

money mentalist programmes

Fire-Up Your Money Brain

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The Fire-Up Your Money Brain! is 6-session course is specifically designed for individuals to teach them how to make better financial decisions and how they can improve their financial management systems and understand the emotions around money.

You will learn how your ‘money psychology’ influences your decisions, learn practical systems & processes to manage your money, so you clearly see what is coming in and going out and how to reach your goals.   

You will learn how to break down some of the myths about money and most importantly give you the practical tools so you can communicate openly about money and reach your financial goals.

At the end of 12 weeks, we mentor you through your own 90-day goal. Accountability is essential to the success of this training! 

Retreat prog

Men, Women & Money Retreat Weekend

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The Men, Women & Money Retreat is a two month programme designed specifically for couples and begins with a special Weekend away.

Are you, over the stress in your family caused by money, or tired of working hard to generate good incomes but have nothing to show for it, or don’t know how to talk to your partner about money.

Maybe you are doing well but feel that you could do better.

In this programme you will find new energy and discover new thinking that will begin to change your life!

This course has been created to meet the specific needs of couples and provide you with skills to reach your financial goals and build a successful and happy life together.

You will be refreshed and inspired to build the life you want – together.

This Couples Retreat Weekend and 2-month programme is available on request and can be tailored to cater for 1-4 couples

What you will learn

  • To understand your and your partner’s individual relationship with money.
  • The development of better communication skills for difficult conversations.
  • Understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses with money and how to work to your strength as a team.
  • Empowering your relationship by taking control of your money and making financial decisions together.
  • Developing a strategy for planning and managing money.
  • Building a shared vision for your financial future.
  • Implementing the habits of financially successful and happy couples.
  • Discover peace of mind. Relieve stress about money in your relationship and grow together as a family.
  • Setting a 90 day goal.
  • The systems to monitor and manage your personal finance numbers.
  • The steps and process to build a modern family money plan using Behavioural Economics – not a budget.