My Beliefs: Three months ago I would never have believed that I could do a 1000 press up’s – and I don’t think I even contemplated wanting to do a 1000 press ups!

But then I watched a video on Ramit’s Brain Trust, (click on the link to know more).  It was an interview with Mark Divine an ex-Navy Seal and he talked about how people trained to become Navy Seals.  It’s all about your mind-set and it’s all about the belief you can actually do something.  He set a challenge; a press-up challenge.

So I thought about it and something triggered in my head.  I started to think maybe I could take this challenge on.  So I set a target of 200. Wow, I did that. My belief started getting stronger and by the time I had reached 500 I really knew I could do this, my belief was that strong.

Now at this point I had nailed 80% of the challenge, that’s the mind-set part of it. The other 20%; the physical side, maybe I would need a little bit of help with that. So I enlisted the help of my personal trainer Karl and he came on board with me, to be there and support me and help me actually do that challenge of 1000 press-ups.

Well, I sit here very proudly because this morning we did it.  I nailed it. 1000 press ups and we have got photographic evidence to prove it. The video above has more pics.

What has this got to do with money?

Well, it is all about beliefs. You never quite know where that trigger is going to come from, it might be an article you read, something that somebody says that actually sets you thinking…

“Hey maybe I can learn how to manage money, maybe I can become wealthy” or  “Maybe I can lose that weight I have been trying to lose for a very long time.”

So, whether it’s a physical challenge that you want to take on, or a financial challenge, it is your mind-set and your belief that is going to start you down that path.

The other really important point is use a mentor or a coach or someone who is there to keep you motivated and help you achieve that goal.

The other interesting thing is that once you start to challenge and change one belief, other beliefs start to follow. You will be surprised at the other things that start changing for the better in your life once you actually start changing your beliefs.

What challenge have you got? What negative belief do you want to turn into a positive and get some really powerful results?

Think about it and please feel free to contact us on our website we’ll be happy to help