We are always scanning global publications for articles about human behaviour and the relationship with money.  An article popped up in my feed that ticked both these boxes (money and psychology) and, first glance it did seem to be all about money.

It turned out that only part of it was.  But the rest of the article dealt with human relationships, specifically men and women in relationships.

The story published by a site called The Urban Twist, looked at the top 5 secrets that men kept from women. The number one secret that men kept from women is around money. Surprise, surprise!

Since what we teach (money psychology) is inextricably linked with human relationships, I decided to print the whole article here.  Enjoy!

Studies show that men lie more than women — especially when talking to women.

But what exactly are they lying about? Some secrets aren’t as bad as they seem and some deserve a heart-to-heart conversation with your significant other.

Here are the top five secrets men keep from women.

We Lie About Our Money 

Many of the secrets men keep involve our money.

If you make more money than us, we’ll keep that a secret and lie about our income. We will also lie about how much money we spend throughout the week on things like food or entertainment. For this reason, many men have secret stashes of cash hidden from their ladies.

But let’s be honest — money is a sore spot for both men and women.

Hiding Our True Emotions

Men aren’t as open about their true emotions as their counterparts.

There are many times we are scared, anxious, or upset that we don’t tell you about. Many men are raised to hide our emotions and this habit sticks with us through adulthood.

If it appears that we’re hiding our emotions, sit us down and start a discussion. It often helps if you share how you’re feeling first. It reminds us that feeling emotions isn’t a bad thing.

We Care About How We Look

One of our biggest secrets is that we care about how we look.

Many men are self-conscious and unhappy with our appearance. Women are more open about this aspect but it affects us too. A little reassurance about our appearance can go a long way.

And yes, this means that we actually do like to dress up. So instead of complaining about our t-shirts and basketball shirts, help us figure out what looks good. Don’t be afraid to buy us some designer shirts for men or dress slacks before our next big date — we won’t be mad.

Yes, We Find Other Women Attractive 

If you’re wondering why men look at other women, it’s simply because we find other women attractive.

No, this doesn’t mean we are checking out women to find a new partner. We are simply acknowledging that someone is attractive. It is possible for men to be attracted to more than one woman — we promise!

We Lie Because It’s Easier

No, that dress doesn’t make you look fat. No, I’m not upset at you. Yes, I love hanging out with your family.

Let’s face it — we lie because it’s often easier than the truth. When we think the truth will start an argument or make things difficult, we just tell you what you want to hear.

Beyond the Secrets Men Keep From Women

Now that you know the top five secrets men keep from women, you should have a better grasp of the male mind.

The main reason for most of these lies is because we want everyone to be happy. If you catch your man lying about these things, don’t angrily confront them. Instead, sit down and have an honest conversation with us.

Too much lying can lead to bigger issues in a relationship.

From our perspective Financial Infidelity is the obvious one here.  The reality is, it is a major breach of trust and the damage it causes a relationship can have long term consequences. Read our blog on financial infidelity.

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