“Over the last year we have been working with Lynda at Money Mentalist to help us structure our personal finances, define our business goals, organise its finances and develop strategies and goals for the present and the future.

We have found her approach most engaging and invigorating and our business has been flourishing as a result and our personal finances are now in order. Lynda is a clear thinker with an infectious enthusiasm for business development and financial growth.

Our experience to date has been enjoyable and positive and we have already recommended others to Lynda and will continue to do so. We can’t recommend Money Mentalist highly enough.”

  • Rachel Dodd and Julian Mitchell: MITCHELL STOUT DODD Architects Auckland

“Working with Lynda has been a fantastic experience. We have worked together to agree on what we want to use our money for, how to make it work for us and what our goals are as a couple. Once we were clear on this, she helped us understand where our money goes each month and how to track and organise our finances to allow us to cover all of our expenses and have funds left over. Once we got ourselves and our money organised things started to make sense. It all started to fall into place.

For the first time in many many years we still had money left in the bank at the end of the month, the system actually works. For the first time in forever I didn’t feel stressed about money, didn’t have to spend time transferring money into different accounts because each account had the right amount of money in it for what we needed to spend. We didn’t need to use our credit card to get us through those final few days which felt amazing.

Working with Lynda has changed our approach to money and has put us on the right path. I feel more confident about being able to realise our financial goals with this system in place than I ever did before.”

  • Sam & Murray – Auckland

“In 7 weeks, under Lynda’s expert guidance, I’ve completely changed my relationship with money.  I feel empowered. I’m clear on my goals. I have a great plan in place.  And I’ve never felt more in control of my finances.

I’d known for decades that there was something flawed in my thinking about money.  I’d seen psychologists to try to figure it out.  But I never got even close to understanding the root of what was going on.  After one session with Lynda I had a complete breakthrough about my values (which are great!) and how they were driving my spending (which was bad!).  Within 3 sessions I became aware of some deep-rooted, misguided beliefs that have always held me back.  The simple act of becoming aware meant I was able to implement instant change.

Once the head stuff was sorted Lynda helped me get the numbers organised.  We improved my accounting practices dramatically, separating my personal from my business with surgical precision!  We planned, rejigged, refined, revisited, and recalculated until I got my head around it all.  I am NOT a numbers person, but Lynda was supportive and understanding and always close on hand.

I can’t recommend Lynda enough.  She was generous with her time, encouraging, on call, and taught me things about my business I had no idea I needed to learn.  Whether your finances are in dire straits or you just know they can be improved, don’t hesitate–you’ll get the results you want!”

“We were at a stage where we were not making any traction financially and were referred to Lynda at Money Mentalist. With Lynda’s guidance and positive attitude we have been able to understand our spending habits.

But above all we now have a structure not only in our financial thinking but also in our financial management and can now see a direction with achievable goals  and a path ahead.

Living within our means has been a great transformation.  We now feel much more in charge of our destination.”

  • Fiona & Paul – Whangaparaoa

“We were referred to Money Mentalist by our financial advisor as we had just embarked on our first rental property investment.  Their 6 week programme helped us completely change our mindset on money by realising that budgeting isn’t the only way to get ahead.  Becoming more aware of why we were spending made a very real difference and helped us look at ways we could satisfy the same needs without spending as much.

Apart from that, saving has become a real joy. It doesn’t feel as if we’ve changed our lifestyle one bit and still travel as we always have. The big difference between now and a year ago before going through the Money Mentalist programme is that our savings are growing faster than expected and we’re excited by just how much.

We recommend Lynda and Simon without any hesitation. Their passion and enthusiasm are genuine and they have an ongoing commitment to our success. We couldn’t have achieved what we have without them.”

  • Brian Walker & Tom Steward – Auckland

Lynda helps you cut through the confusion to understand your spending habits and helps build a suitable plan to address your underlying needs.

Let’s just say it was a challenge getting aligned to achieve our long term financial goals before we started working with Lynda. Budgets don’t work for everyone, us included. So, Lynda provided us with workable options that didn’t include a strict budget.

Throughout the programme, we got a true understanding of why we spend. We can recognise the underlying need and have a way to address it when it arises.

It is exciting to say that we now have a savings plan in place for an annual overseas family holiday without needing to put it on the credit card! Our long term financial retirement plan is also on track.

Lynda is insightful, has great experience and she knows that not everyone is wired the same in their spending and financial views. We had a few slip ups and there was no judging, just continued support. I would have no hesitation in recommending the Money Mentalist to anyone looking to sort their finances out.”

  • Steve and Michelle Avery – Auckland

“Before we had our strategy call with Lynda, our financial life was choppy to say the least. We would often get caught in money rips, unable to see or understand the currents. We would occasionally pop up for air before being sucked downward again.

But Lynda changed all of that. Now we are sailing far more smoothly. And communication with each other was the key to that. We now have a savings plan that takes our life factors into account, a debt eradication plan and we don’t have to live on a threadbare, oppressive budget.

Both Lynda and Simon are helpful, kind people with practical advice that really works. We have had so much out of the free strategy call alone, we can’t wait to see what the paid programmes have in store!”

  • Amber and Sam Wilkes – Wellington

“I recently invested in the Money-Mind Switch course with Money Mentalist and wow what an eye opener!  Lynda has been amazing and incredibly helpful with me as I started to look at why I do the things I do with money.  There was no judgement or pressure only reassurance and a commitment to help me understand.

I have already changed a few habits I wanted to get rid of and its allowed me to put that money into things I would rather be doing. Not only do you get the support through out the course, Lynda also follows up afterwards to see how you’re getting on – which for someone like me is priceless. It allows me the time to process and come back to her if I have any questions.”

  • Jessie Rolton – Jessie Rolton Photography

We enlisted Money Mentalist’s help with our finances several months ago when we purchased our first rental property. It was very important to us that we succeeded with our investment, and felt as though an overhaul of our current financial ‘system’ was needed – we had always been TERRIBLE at managing our cashflow, and fluctuated in and out of debt via a hefty bank overdraft.

After working closely with Lynda for just one session, we both knew we had made an incredibly intelligent decision! Her cool, calm, and collected way of negotiating discrepancies in both our business and personal banking accounts meant that she was able to pull us out of a very stressful situation. Not only was she able to do this, but we are now also saving money; paying down immediate debt with ease; and confident enough to be moving forward independently. Our spending habits have changed for the better. For all of this, we are eternally grateful!!!

My husband and I can not recommend Money Mentalist’s services enough. We honestly could not have gone down this road without Lynda.

Thank you, Lynda – from the bottom of our hearts!

  • Simon & Jessica King – Auckland

“Going through the Men, Women and Money Programme with Lynda has opened our eyes, busted myths and triggered important conversations about our relationship with money, and each other. After going into the programme feeling pretty overwhelmed, we now feel we can have a positive relationship with money and control it – rather than the other way around!”

  • Jonathon and Sarah – Entrepreneur & Marketer, Auckland

“Money mornings was everything and above what I was hoping it to be. Lynda and Penny shared their knowledge in an engaging and informative way – it was an easy to understand and inspirational few hours.

I would thoroughly recommend women to go along and get valuable insights that are beneficial to running a business. I came away feeling energised with a new outlook on money and sales to enhance my business. “

Money Mornings Testimonial:

“I work in Milestone Financial Services as an Authorised Financial Adviser. My specialty is holistic financial planning. Attending Money Mornings was a great experience.

I loved hearing from Lynda, who is always fabulous, but her insights into why we fail or succeed and how we can trick our brain or change our thinking around money.. I can use this with so many different clients. Personally, I took out of it a different way of thinking about my own money plan. I mentally limit myself more often than I realised, where Lynda talked about how to expand your options!

I consider myself pretty money savvy, however I found tons of inspiration in hearing from Penny about sales and specific ideas around how to generate more valuable business and really push myself further. Being clear, knowing your numbers, above all don’t apologise for charging or sell yourself short with unnecessary discounts. Value yourself! I can honestly say I have implemented this in my business since.

The day wasn’t just fun, and wonderful networking with really amazing and smart women, but I got real value out of the exercises we did. Having open discussions and hearing from problems other business women faces as a  real insight. Highly recommend this workshop, and I cannot speak highly enough of Penny and Lynda.”

“The Morning Mornings seminar offered great psychological insights, plus some practical tools for helping grow your business, for personal and professional success. I’d definitely attend another!”

“By the time you’re hitting 60, there are quite a few things you should have sorted out in life. One of them is knowing how much you earn and how to manage it. I was a terrible flop at this. When I met Lynda, I had been in a prolonged state of pathetic ignorance about my finances. I was paying too much in insurance, had no idea how I would ever pay back my mortgage, and was earning erratically.

All I knew was that despite working hard, I was going backwards and had very few prospects of going forwards. I had no idea how to tackle the situation, never having learned anything about financial management beyond my mother’s advice to “live within my means”. (Mother didn’t understand about the irresistible antiques shop just down the road and how my passport required regular outings and adventures.)

Then I met Lynda! She smiles, yes, but she’s got a fierce heart and enough strength to nail down the most precarious of circumstances. She allowed me to have some wild financial dreams to start with, but very quickly, order was imposed. I sold my house, paid back the bank, cut my insurance payments by two-thirds, drove past the antiques shop without stopping, and kept an eye on income and outgoings.

Painlessly, I learned to live within my means. And it has been a huge relief. Lynda has guided, suggested, coaxed, instructed, and demonstrated so effectively. Even though we’ve still got some way to go, I feel much more mature and calmer about money. It’s almost hard to believe. But one thing I know for sure. Lynda Moore? Priceless!”

“We are a manufacturing jeweller, and deal mostly in remodelling or hand-making jewellery for clients. We aim to create the absolute best quality piece of jewellery possible given our client’s budget.

We have attended two Money Mentalist workshops on Anchoring and are delighted at the outcome. By giving our clients several different options (using the Anchoring theory), helps us better show customers where their money is being spent. We have been pleasantly surprised that nearly all our clients, when given this choice, opt for quality.

A classic example: a customer wanted some of her old rings melted down and re-modelled into a piece that she loved and could enjoy wearing everyday. She had several diamonds already, but we thought the design that she had her heart set on needed a few more. We did her one sketch of the design using her existing stones and another showing the design with the increased number of stones. Wanting to keep her options open, we also gave her a much lighter, cheaper option, using the bare-minimum amount of gold, and just her existing stones. When we explained each option, she chose to go with the middle option; a design that was still a decent weight and not the cheaper design.

Another example of where we were blown away by the results of the Anchoring system. Our client immediately went for the most expensive – top quality option! Simply by giving her the three options of exactly the same design but the top one being of a higher carat of gold and a better grade of diamond.

Anchoring has without a doubt worked for us EVERY single time. If our clients don’t go for the mid-range priced item, they go for the highest. Not once have they gone for the lowest priced item.”

I found this workshop [How to use Anchoring to Improve Business Profits] hugely beneficial to how I run my business, because I didn’t realise the incredible power of Anchoring, and that as an individual I was being “anchored” in my everyday life, without knowing it! It has encouraged me to look at my business with my new found knowledge of anchoring. This has helped me to focus and fine tune how I present my business and services. 

I was recommended to Lynda by a business colleague of mine – and I was so pleased for the introduction.  We were in the process of developing our new ‘BreakThrough Women in Business’ Program and were needing to package up the content and decide on pricing options. 

Lynda was integral in helping us shape the programs and set pricing options to suit different stages in business.  She has a great ability to help you get clear about what you want to achieve and has a valuable practical approach to turn it into a ‘do-able’ workable plan. 

Lynda’s coaching around money mindset also helped us feel good about what we are charging and the value our clients will be receiving.  If you want a fast way to transform your thinking around money and business – spend some time with Lynda from the Money Mentalist….!”

“We contacted Lynda from Money Mentalist to help us get through a crossroads in our lives, with personal and financial change and challenges.

With Lynda’s help we,

  • Were able to understand our Money Personalities and habits and changed the bad ones and strengthen the good ones.
  • Expanding our goals and dreams wider than we could have ever imagined.
  • Enjoying a much more positive relationship with  money without stress, guilt or budgets.

Lynda’s sense of humour, enthusiasm and continued support through our time with her was refreshing and helped us trust her, where previously we had been badly burnt by a financial adviser.  She even met with us face to face for coffee – and we live in another city.

Six months later we have financial clarity, empowerment, control and are super excited to see what we can make happen next!

  • Andy & Phil Bay of Plenty