We’re home!  The suitcases are packed away.  Family and friends have their pressies.  The photos are downloaded and organised into meaningful folders.  The washing is done and the dogs are happy to see us – and sticking close just in case we disappear.

You really know you are home when you’ve got to make up your own bed, clean the bathroom and unless one of us decides to cook, we won’t get any dinner.

I think it was about day three when the post-holiday blues really kicked in. 

Probably because it also rained that day, something we had seen very little of while we were away.  As we coaxed ourselves back into work mode, vivid holiday memories flashed through our jet lagged minds as we familiarised ourselves with the keyboard again.

The temptation to book the next holiday is really strong by about day four.  It was about then that I found myself clicking on the Expedia links to fantastic exotic destinations at generously affordable prices.  I came very close to booking a relaxing winter break in Fiji!

Is this just me, or do you feel like this as well at the end of a great holiday?

The post-holiday blues can be difficult to shake off and will last longer if you have also arrived home with holiday debt!

So, here are a few tips to shake off them blues off and get financially back on track.

  1. You aren’t alone. The post-holiday blues are very real and quite normal.  While it’s a safe bet that your friends won’t want to look at your 700 holiday snaps, whoever you went on holiday with, probably will.  They’ll be happy to join you and relive the joyous occasions, because they’re feeling just as flat as you are.
  2. If you have come home with debt, don’t leave it too long before you tackle the finances. It will just stress you out more and delay the length of time before you can go on your next adventure.
  3. Be realistic about how you are going to pay off the debt. If it is on a card, see whether you can switch to a new card with zero-interest option?  Don’t use the new card otherwise the interest will come back to bite you.  Get rid of the debt as fast as you can.  Review your spending and see what you can cut back on in the short term.
  4. Make sure you allow some ‘fun’ money while you are paying off debt otherwise you will make yourself more miserable.  Instead of going out for a meal, have friends around for a BBQ at home instead.
  5. Learn for the next time. What can you do on the next holiday to ensure you don’t come home with debt.  Look at your holiday spending and see where the blow out was so you can build that into your savings plan for the next one.  Pre-paying some of the activities or bookings may be an option.

If you haven’t already, open up a new bank account and give it a fun name.  Maybe the destination you are heading to next or just the holiday account.  Start tucking a bit of money away each week for your next adventure, you will be surprised how quickly it mounts up.

If you need a hand getting over your post-holiday blues or planning for you next one, drop us an email or click on this link and book a day and time to talk with us – it’s completely free.  We would love to talk to you.