Whether we’re in business or not, we all have money beliefs and until we start examining those beliefs, we may not be aware of them.

Our money beliefs generate our behaviours or attitudes which greatly influences the amount of money we think we are capable of having, either by generating it in our business or earning it by working for someone else.

One of these beliefs is called your Money Ceiling

You Money Ceiling sub-consciously limits your capability to handle or generate money past a certain amount.  Once you’ve hit that ceiling you will not progress any further. Unless you change your money beliefs, you will continue to sub-consciously push money away and the ability to generate money.

Accompanying this Money Ceiling, we also have a Money Floor.  Our Money Floor is where we are currently content with the amount of money we have – determined either by our ability to generate sales in our business or our capability to earn it.

We can increase our income and raise our Money Floor, but if we don’t raise our Money Ceiling we will hit it.  And then we’re back to square 1.

Then you’re between a floor and a hard place!

This can happen very quickly if we come into money unexpectedly.  For example, your business suddenly takes off and exceeds all your expectations or winning the lottery.  Both of these situations can cause you the same problem.

If we don’t have the money beliefs that allow us to accept that we are capable (or worthy) of having that much money, we will push it away.  This maybe in the form of a spending spree on yourself or family & friends.  This behaviour also manifests itself as bad business decisions or simply giving money away.

How do you know what your Money Ceiling is? 

Think about how much income you earn now (in your business or salary) and then multiply that by say, 10 times.  Now, when you get that number, what is the first thought that comes into you head?

If it is something like, “OMG, I could never have/generate/be worthy of that much money!” then you are over your ceiling.  However, if your thought is, “Hey, I can do that!” then you have room to move to reach your Money Ceiling.

Before you set about raising your Money Ceiling, you will need to determine what your money beliefs are, examine them, challenge them and change them.

The good news is that you can rewrite these money beliefs

While money beliefs can be passed on from one generation to another, they don’t have to be permanent.  Once you’ve identified your patterns of thinking about money, you can begin to examine how changing those beliefs can fundamentally improve your financial situation.  Then you will be ready to take mindful and deliberate steps to turning these resolutions of change into reality.

If you would like help with examining your Money Beliefs and moving your Money Ceiling upwards, just drop us an email and we’ll have a chat about how we can help your achieve these goals – go on, be brave 🙂