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Your New Money Story® Mentor Coaching

Click edit button to change this text.Your New Money Story® is a comprehensive 10-fortnightly session programme that uses Emotional Economics® to master the art and science of financial empowerment.

  • Decipher the secret language encrypted in money
  • Move from fear of money to mastery
  • Identify the self-statements made with money behaviours
  • Recognise money behaviours ghost written by your mind’s hidden assumptions
  • Overcome your brain’s patterned responses that lead to bad decisions
  • Develop the art and science of money strategies
  • Identify and remedy 27 emotionally based financial fallacies
  • We partner with you either individually or as a couple. A comprehensive workbook takes you through the seven scientific steps of
  • transformation to address changes of behaviour, mind and brain, which is the ROADMAP™ for a New Money Story®.

We will be with you as you learn how to implement the practical systems and processes to manage your money, so you clearly know what is coming in and going out and how to reach your financial goals.

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